Head of Takemura Juku.
photo: Yuri Manabe


How will new technologies and ideas shape the future?

Since its inception in 2013, TAKEMURA-JUKU has reported on and discussed fronts such as transmedia, artificial intelligence, crypt-anarchy, sustainability, biotechnology, the internet, futurology, hippie capitalism, smart cities, privacy, and the autonomous revolution.

We are looking at how technology can be used to address current and future challenges. At the same time, we should be wary of misusing technology and its impact on our society, politics, economy, livelihood, culture, and environment. In an age of confusion, now is the time to find a clear guideline for the digital society.

Mitsuhiro Takemura

Mitsuhiro Takemura is a scholar of media aesthetics and Founder of Takemura-Juku. His professional experiences include Associate Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design (Information Design); Founding Director of Research Center for Media Aesthetics; Associate Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at The University of Tokyo (Media Environment Studies); Professor, Sapporo City University (School of Media Design); and He is a fellow of the Center for the Study of Digital Life (CSDL) in NY. His research includes the prize-winning book “The Future of Memory, Cultural Economy of Digital Archives” (published by University of Tokyo Press). His recent books include “Goodbye, the Internet – How Does GDPR Change the Net and Data” (Diamond Publishing), and “Berlin, City, Future” (Ohta Publishing). His new book is The Privacy Paradox: The Data Surveillance Society and the Reinvention of “I” (blkswn publishers Inc.). He currently lives in Berlin.


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